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Risers, Cam Cleat wedges, Pro-Leads - Megga Pro-Leads, through deck lead.
Photo of Cam Cleat Accessories
Part Description Use with. Photo
AL-0193 Cleat lifter 15mm high. AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-0193
AL-0396 Large Pro-lead AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-0396
AL-0397 Small Pro Lead AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-0397
AL-0488 Carbon composite over fairlead. AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-0488
AL-0493-993 Wedge Kit. AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-0493-993
AL-0496 Mega Pro Lead wire reinforced AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-0496
AL-0497 Small Mega Pro Lead AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-0497
AL-0793 Wedge AL-4467 Photo of AL-0793
AL-1396 Wedge kit for small mega pro lead A.676/A..76 Photo of AL-1396
AL-1397 Wedge kit for large mega pro lead A.677/A..77 Photo of AL-1397
AL-4665 Stainless steel wire under fairlead. AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-4665
AL-4771 Thorugh deck fairlead (not inc. cleat) AL-0677/AL-0077 Photo of AL-4771
AL-0293 Cleat lifter 22mm high. AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-0293
AL-0294 Cleat lifter 10mm high. AL-0676/AL-007 Photo of AL-0294
AL-0588 Carbon composite over fairlead. AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-0588
AL-0593-893 Wedge Kit. AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-0593-893
AL-4675 Stainless steel wire under fairlead. AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-4675
AL-4761 Thorugh deck fairlead (not inc. cleat) AL-0676/AL-0076 Photo of AL-4761






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